Services we offer

We provide an array of services that relate to managing complex data, analysis and interpretation as well as detailed reporting. These include surveys, reporting, detailed analytics and recommendations and more to the highest level of quality and detail. Here's a look at everything we offer to our clients:

Traffic Survey

Traffic surveys consist of various types of data collection techniques done by surveying various aspects of traffic flow. These include the following services: pedestrian counts, turning movement counts, bicycle counts, turning movement counts, link flow traffic counts, rail and bus punctuality surveys, travel time surveys, roundabout counts, parking survey methodology, queue length surveys, number plate recognition, illegal movement surveys and traffic saturation flows.

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Data Analysis

We enable the scrutinising and modelling of data with a focused approach that involves the most stringent quality standards and attention to detail. Our result-driven perspective towards the analysis of data will help you gain the most valuable insights that will enable better decision making for your business goals. We provide end-to-end solutions right from data extraction, data mining, analysis of data and presentation in a user-friendly, business-ready format.

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