About Us

VTRAC Worldwide is an offshore global provider of software solutions for the Traffic Volume and Transportation sector. It is based on an integrated, systematic approach to IT-based solutions for data analysis related to traffic and transport regulation in countries across the world.

What We Do

We offer a bouquet of services in traffic turning counts, queue length analysis, traffic conflict studies, illegal movements, monitoring and reporting for level crossing, parking surveys and a lot more to clients covering diverse countries across Europe, Asia, America, Australia and the Middle East.

Our focus is on using state-of-the-art technology to deliver exceptionally detailed analyses, reports and data surveys for our clients. We compile, interpret and research every possible data point, and present it in a user-friendly and professional manner. Our clients trust our quality-driven approach that ensures the highest standards of accuracy in our services. We also ensure that any custom requests from clients are taken care of keeping in mind all their expectations and requirements. Our on-point, timely project delivery and competitive pricing are two facets of our business that our clients can vouch for.