About Us


Founded in 2014, VTRAC Worldwide is now one of the fastest growing companies in its industry segment, providing specialized traffic data collection, traffic data analysis and traffic surveys with a meticulous attention to detail within a strict quality control framework. Our range of information and data analysis services also includes hourly summaries, and highly individualized data preferences to suit a wide range of requirements.

We employ the highest standards in IT technology and strategy to create a data infrastructure that is scalable, sustainable and cost-effective to the highest degree. Our team has a combined experience of 40 years and their expertise, coupled with innovative ideas and strategies will make your data more presentable and easily analyzed. Our organization has a very organized, streamlined approach to traffic data analysis, presentation and surveying. We provide support and information through all 6 stages of business guidance:

  • Delivering context and value :
    Our approach to data is rooted in a strong understanding of the industry and a focused perspective to deliver context and value along with our expert solutions.

  • Cost-effective solutions :
    Our traffic data and transportation data solutions are based on careful research and deliberation to give you the most competitive, cost-effective solutions in the industry.

  • Constant innovation :
    Our expert team harnesses its varied experience across the industry towards delivering exceptional ideas and insights. We not only deliver well-researched data but often have pro-active insights and suggestions which help our clients utilize this data more effectively for better results.

  • The highest quality standards :
    Traffic data analysis and transportation data analysis involve huge volumes of data, and our in-depth knowledge of the industry best practices, and our experience with processing big data ensures help us strive towards the highest standards in quality.

  • Ethical, transparent practices :
    One of the aspects our organization prides itself on is its commitment to transparency and ethical business practices. We believe in building long-term, sustainable relationships with our clients through mutual trust and objectivity in all our dealings.

  • Timely delivery :
    All our projects are commenced with a view to delivering them to our clients as soon as possible within the stipulated timelines. We believe in adhering to well-constructed timeframes to deliver the best possible end product to our clients.